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Casual dresses for women I Zaful. ♥

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post. ♥

Today, and in some of the following posts I will write about the Zaful site.
If you follow me regularly then and you know how many times I ordered things from them.
I often post pictures on the instagram and blog, so I get enough praise on the account of Zaful's clothes.
This is a site where you can find modern things (like Zara, Bershka ... ) at much lower prices than in the mentioned stores.
Every day they get new stuff, following world fashion trends working on their site and I think they're one of the better sites. A site that has things you can afford.
Sincerely,  every time I'm getting more satisfied.
As I began to order from them, about three to four years ago, they were not as good as now, but that is good, meaning they work on themselves and are progressing day by day.
Concerning the topic of today's post, we talk about Casual dresses for women.
I think on this site you have a wide variety of dresses.

1 l 2 l 3

I can not decide which of these dresses I would wear before.
Each is special in its own way and can be incorporated into many different combinations.
Pastel colors have been quite modern since last season, they are moving slowly and this spring, I'm very happy because I enjoy them. Especially when it comes to pastel pink and blue color.

Retro dresses  are all needed. Especially in the hot days that come to us.
Various materials, lengths, colors, just to be beautiful dresses that will serve us for the hot summer and spring days and Zaful offers just that.

1 l 2 l 3

For this red, lacy dress I've been craving for months and the question is when it comes to my hands. It's wonderful.

Besides me, I like these two, which are more for some everyday combinations.

I think flower dresses will be especially modern this spring.
That's why you have to look Zaful floral dresses here.
Of course, spring is going, and accordingly it needs to be dressed. First, lighter clothes as I put on the dresses, then something related to the spring.
The first thing that motivates us in spring is the flowers, so I think the flower garments are ideal for it!

I hope you enjoyed it and you will find a dress for yourself.
For more inspiration, follow zaful blog.

Kisses ♥

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  1. Jao predivne su! Sve mi se mnogo dopadaju, ali posebno ova druga na prugice! Bila bi odlična za svaki dan u proljetno vrijeme :) <3


  2. Predivan pooost ♥♥♥♥
    Haljine su super ☺☺

  3. Amazing post honey, love your blog soo much ☺:)

  4. Beautiful clothes Dear:)


  5. Powder dress - the best!
    Have a nice week, kiss! :)

  6. Jako mi se dopada tvoj odabir haljina! :) Licno imam ovakvu crnu sa cvetnim motiviva i predobra jeeeeee! Prezadovoljna sam kvalitetom i time kako ona stoji! :) Odlican post! ♥

    1. I ja isto imam sličnu sa ovim crvenim i stvarno su im super haljine. Hvala ti ♥

  7. Ja inače ne preferiram haljine. čak ni suknje, ali one mogu i da prođu. A haljine stvarno ne nosim. Nisu u mom fazonu, ali fino mi deluju ovako. Konkretno ove sa slika su jako lepe. Super odabir, iva.❤️

    The girl named Ana

  8. Odličan post.
    Mnogo mi se sviđa tvoj odabir haljina, stvarno su sve prelijepe. Meni se, iskreno, više sviđa prva grupa haljina, ali je i druga jaako lijepa.
    Ti stvarno imaš super stil oblačenja, i znaš da odabereš super stvari. :)
    Super post.

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