petak, 16. ožujka 2018.

Fashion Bags - Zaful . ♥

Hello my lovely readers. 

A few days ago I wrote about the site of zaful, the themes were dresses.
I hope you liked your dresses and found your favorites.
In addition to all the great stuff that zaful offers, special attention should be paid to bags.
Fashion bags  on the Zaful are something I really like.

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Bag is something every girl needs.
I often want to have all the possible types, sizes and colors of the purse.
Otherwise, I like all the shades of pink and red, so that's why I'm probably starting to light up for this.
Every day we need ordinary purses. Sometimes bigger, sometimes less. For college or school I really love backpacks, and for the evening out there are as few handbags as the basic things.

I recommend that you look black crossbody bag.
In our opinion, the bags are overestimated in my opinion, because Zaful offers the finest selection of pretty good bags.
Everyone can find something in keeping with their style.
If you love small purses, the choice will especially appeal to you because a good deal of them is quite small.

I especially like tote bag.

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These are great for me every day.
I have a lot of things for each day with me. I need a huge bag in which I wear something, a big wallet, a pair of sunglasses and a hundred additional, maybe unnecessary things.
Although I am not a fan of brown in color, I like brown bags, they are somehow beautiful and they are super fit with brown boots that I also love.

Every honor with all bags, but I like the backpacks most. All kinds of backpacks, I love each day. At the faculty I carry a backpack every day, and generally wherever I go, the backpack is most practical and best taken.
So please look at black handbag.

1 l 2 l 3
Black is the easiest to combine and adore black backpacks. I have one backpack for almost two years and my people is still new. I got so much credit to his account that it was not real. Be sure to look at yourself as well, I'm sure you will find something for yourself.
I hope you liked it.
Once more. I was convinced of the quality of the bag and I think it's worth looking at and ordering something, you will not repent.
Kisses ♥

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  1. Beautiful bags Dear:)

  2. Zaful sells Amazing bags!

    Baci, Nicole
    Nuovo post da me! Ti aspetto 
    The pink bow

  3. Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj odabir, toliko da ću treći rančić u prvom kolažu morati i da poručim jer mi je prosto presladak. Divan post draga! ♡

  4. Preprepredivne torbice si odabrala! Ne zna se koja je ljepša! *-------* Sjajan post, draga! ♥♥♥

    Novi post ->

  5. So many cute bags! I tried to pick my favourite...but ended up having like five that I love!