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Zaful swimsuits. ♥

Hello my lovely readers.
How are you?

Today is a last post about Zaful. But just for now, soon I will make new hauls and posts about them.
I first heard about this site when someone mentioned to me their swimsuits.
Summer is getting closer and I like to have a new swimsuit every year. Actually, more swimsuits, because when I'm constantly on the beach, I'm kind of glad to wear some swimwear every day.
Beach details are also desirable. Let's say those dresses that are worn over the bones, I always liked it and I can not wait to order it.

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My favorite swimsuit color is definitely black. The ten fastest get if you wear a black suit. It is commonly known that black is attracted to the sun, so for the start of the season I usually decide for a plain, black costume.
Zaful has a very good offer of swimwear of all colors. I'm just looking black and can not decide which one I like the most. Look at zaful black swimsuit.

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A great girl has a size problem. There are plenty of girls who have big breasts and find it difficult to find the right size for themselves.
There is a solution to the problem - and for that -Swimsuits for big bust Zaful.
If you are one of the girls with this problem, look here I'm sure there is your size.

If you are a person who does not like simple costumes, look underwire swimwear.

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If you ask me, I will always decide for some simple swimsuit, but these are wonderful for this!
Super design, quality looks great, who likes it, this is perfect.
The colors look unreal. Are you sure you ever imagined sirens in these colors? Yes, and I am, beautiful.
Zaful did not even bet when this was the case.
I'm so glad to have a chance to write about things that you ask me the best on this site, that is, dresses, bags and bathing suits.

What are your experiences with this site? Do you have them?
I love it! Every time I am more and more thrilled and can barely wait for your next order to share with you.
In the comments you write to me about your opinion, I look forward to reading them.

Kisses ♥

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  1. Beautiful selection:)


  2. I love the bathing suits! I want to buy them!
    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal

  3. A great review indeed, thanks for sharing!

  4. Odličan izbor, draga.
    Sve stvari u prelijepe, a pogotovo ovaj plavi kupaći kostim.
    Želim ti prijatan dan. :)

    Visit my blog, Amaterska Umjetnost

  5. Super post Iva. Kao najljepši kupaći izdovjiću zadnji, presladak je!♥


  6. lep izbor kao i obicno!

    kako sam sredila svoj krevet

  7. Loved your choices. And the black swimsuits.
    Xoxo from Portugal