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Have you browsed about and looked around Lolita’s stunning wardrobe collections, marveled at their beauty, and yet refrained from treating yourself with these gorgeous dresses just because you thought there would be no occasion where you could wear them? Well, maybe it is time to think again. Most, if not all, of Lolita clothing is ideal for day to day, routine wear and here, we will take a look at some of the reasons that make it so:

When it comes to casual, daily clothing, most people tend to generally go for more subtle and understated colors. You certainly do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons, which in this case can be shocking, bright colors that may appear to be just too much for the occasion even if the style of the dress is as simple as it gets. Lolita takes that into consideration and keeping that in regard, offers a number of light, pleasant shades of pretty, feminine colors that make for a cute outfit that is perfect for any casual occasion.
Take the Bowknot High Waist Pure Color Classic Lolita Half Sleeve Dress, for example. Made from cotton, the ruffled layers of the delicate fabric fold and fall over each other to give a soft and casual look to the outfit while also being a unique and incredibly pretty choice of dress. The half sleeves and the bowknots as well as the buttons in the midline form the neck to waist contribute to making it look as far away from overly formal as possible. The finishing touches are delivered by the shade of the dress- a hue of a toned down pink that does not scream in your face or look too girly. It gives a young and feminine look that most young ladies look for in a dress they can use as daily clothing.

Another great option is the Rabbit Basket Series JSK Ruffle Classic Lolita Sling Dress. A simple sling design dress accompanies by a white, frilly shirt underneath, making for a classy and girly look that is perfect for casual settings. The hushed down, baby blue color of the dress compliments the frills and bowknots that decorate the dress as well as the Easter Egg baskets lining the bottom half of the understated dress. While a darker tone or a brighter shade may have made the dress better suited for only certain, specific settings, the subtle hues make them perfect for regular, day to day attire.

Bowknot High Waist Pure Color Classic Lolita Half Sleeve Dress: https://www.lolitain.com/pink-long-sleeves-classic-lace-bow-classic-lolita-dress-p-288.html

Try to avoid more complicated and large patterns. You can choose a more regular dress, avoiding the alternative super long skirt
Lolita also completely understands if you feel like you are not one for fancy, elaborate dresses and would rather stick to a simple T shirt and jeans kind of situation. Well, fear not, because Lolita’s daily wear collection offers a whole collection of simplistic yet extremely unique and eye grabbing short shirts and blouses which you can pair with pants, trousers, skirts, or any other clothing item of your choice and liking.

The Sugar And Matcha Series Ivory Retro Bats Sleeve Classic Lolita Shirt is a classic example of just how much beauty Lolita has to offer in simplicity and minimalistic designs. The clean, white shirt fits your form without being too clingy and the baggy fabric at the sleeves gives it a special look as opposed to a boring old T shirt. The sleeves fit snugly around your forearm and wrists while the neck of the shirt is embellished with some very pretty frills. The whole design is understated and feels even more camouflaged with the washed out white, making it perfect for everyday dressing.

On the other hand, we have a more jazzy and interesting look that will keep you looking stylish, classy, and always appropriately dressed. The Antique Chair Series Apricot Doll Collar Short Sleeve Classic Lolita Shirt seems to take it back a few years as it features a rather short length, a very pretty doll collar that wraps all the way around the shirt, and short sleeves, making it the perfect button down shirt for a fun day out and about in the summer sun and the spring winds.

Sugar And Matcha Series Ivory Retro Bats Sleeve Classic Lolita Shirt: https://www.lolitain.com/sugar-and-matcha-series-ivory-retro-bats-sleeve-classic-lolita-shirt-p-6266.html

Antique Chair Series Apricot Doll Collar Short Sleeve Classic Lolita Shirt: https://www.lolitain.com/antique-chair-series-apricot-doll-collar-short-sleeve-classic-lolita-shirt-p-7421.html

Reduce the grotesque and cumbrous accessories, be simple and generous
The key to maintaining a low profile while wearing unique outfits on a daily basis such as available in Lolita’s daily wear collection, is to keep it simple, elegant, and incredibly beautiful. Sometimes, all you have to do is let your outfit shine through without forcibly mixing and matching it with a hundred different accessories to make it look like your everyday wear.

Consider the gorgeous Alpen Rose Ethnic Style High Waist Fishbone Light Dark Green Lolita Skirt. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the dress alone- furbished with a low neck, naked shoulders, delicate floral patterns on top of a subdued shade of dark green on the knee length skirt, a red ribbon in the middle of the blouse, a rose emblem embellished on the side of the neck, and finished with a fine, ribbon choker. This outfit alone is all you need to be ready for the day- sometimes your clothes are the only accessories you need.

With dresses like the Daily Lolita Jumper Skirt Strawberries Printed Lolita JSK by Souffle Song, all you need is a light chain necklace or an elegant bracelet to go with the dress and voila! The candy colored dress rids you of the need to load with heavy, cumbrous, and awfully grotesque accessories with a sweet and charming strawberry pattern that looks natural and compliments the color of the dress well.

Alpen Rose Ethnic Style High Waist Fishbone Light Dark Green Lolita Skirt: https://www.lolitain.com/alpen-rose-ethnic-style-high-waist-fishbone-light-dark-green-lolita-skirt-p-6374.html

Daily Lolita Jumper Skirt Strawberries Printed Lolita JSK by Souffle Song: https://www.lolitain.com/daily-lolita-jumper-skirt-strawberries-printed-lolita-jsk-by-souffle-song-p-5782.html

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