srijeda, 30. svibnja 2018.

Baginning - online shop ♥

Hello my lovely readers ,
How are you?

Today we are talking about a new online shop called Baginning.
As the name says, this is a site where you can find all sorts of bags.
Smaller, bigger, different designs, absolutely everything you think about bags can be found on this site.
I was really thrilled when I saw their offer, never seen this site before, this is the first meeting with him and I'm pleasantly surprised by what they have.

The part I especially want to pay attention to is you Ladies Handbags.
1 l 2 l 3

I can not even decide which of these is my favorite. A really great choice, I would say a great choice especially if you are looking for a small, sweet purse that will serve you with a formal dress, here you will find it safe.
As far as prices are concerned, some are mediocre, not overpriced or overpriced, so I believe they offer the promising quality.
I honestly adore my purse.
Although I'm the most fan backpack, I like to have small purses in different colors for bigger combinations when I need money and a cell phone in my purse so it's always good to have something, sweet and practical.

Another part of the site I want to recommend is Clear Purse & Jelly purse.

1 l 2 l 3
The following three are a little different, more special in their own way, but still beautiful and definitely something I would like to wear.
Actually here, looking at the site, almost all of these pouches would like to wear different combinations.
So here, if you need some good quality bag, look at this site, I'm absolutely sure you will find something to your liking.

I hope you liked the site, I was totally thrilled with it.
Love you,

Iva ♥

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  1. Lepe tašne. :)

  2. Beautiful post, dear! I like your blog.
    Following you! Follow back?

  3. hej iva, dali bi mogla meni napisati na insta @_lela_leki_4_ kako da ja napravim ovakvu stranicu (blog)? inace ja ne znam kako si ti potpisana na insta. <3

  4. Prelep odabir tasnica Iva! :) Svaka cast na ukusu.

    Dva nova posta su na mom blogu, ako zelis pogledaj ih :)