ponedjeljak, 13. rujna 2021.


 Hello my lovely readers.
Today I will show you one of my favorites online shop, called UP2STEP.

I discovered this online shop a couple of months ago and am really overjoyed. They have a great selection of shoes and I’m sure you can all find something to your liking.Autumn is coming, if you ask me the most beautiful season, especially when it comes to creating outfits. Along with a good coat, if you ask me musthaves for fall are also good boots.I think you can find everything you are interested in here, from low, high boots, to some more casual variants, to extreme models, so my recommendation is to definitely take a look.

My favorites are definitely Pleaser Boots . I like this part because absolutely every boot is special in its own way. From some ordinary day variants, to perfect models for night variants.

What’s great about these boots is that you have them in multiple colors, so you can definitely order the one you like best, or fit right now, and their model is gorgeous.

This is the next model I like. They are too powerful, they go above the knees, the colors are absolutely perfect.

On UP2STEP site as you can see you can really find wonderful models, I hope you take advantage of the offer and prices they have.

Beige colors are always fashionable especially when it comes to fall and combining with some coats and sweaters, so these boots are a complete hit.

When I look on UP2STEP site they can't help but catch my eye and knee-high boots, especially popular models that will be in trend this year as well, such as these boots.

They are beautiful and I think they are ideal for daily combinations.

I hope you like this site as much as I do.


četvrtak, 11. ožujka 2021.


 Hello my lovely readers. ♥

 Today I want to show you a new online shop that I discovered and it’s called
feelingirldress reviews.

 What thrilled me was the diversity of the site itself. They have literally everything women need. From some ordinary pieces for every day, dresses, T-shirts, tracksuits to some festive things.It is also interesting that they have complete exercise equipment, so for those who are sports types this information will be interesting.

 The prices are also really affordable, I think we can all find something for our pocket, so it’s worth a look.

 I’m going to show you the part that caught my attention and that’s it wholesale sweatsuit set.



 These kits are really great. We all use this time, especially as spring goes for training. Whether on your own or in the gym, but here and there we all decide to train for the sake of health and appearance, so I think that these sets are great for such things.Also, the time of the pandemic is still. Shopping malls work somewhere, not somewhere, so online shopping is a great option to get great stuff from the warmth of your own home.

 Until the third month comes, I am thinking about summer, so I want to pay attention to swimsuits and things for summer that are also part of this site.
You can find it on a part plus size swimwear wholesale .


In the summer I really like to have more swimsuits that I can change, so every year I buy new and new ones no matter how many I have. The good thing is that they are really affordable and cheap on this site so you can buy more. They have them in various colors, materials, patterns, as they say, for every taste.
It’s great that they have a choice of sizes as well, plus size models too, so you don’t have to worry about that. Of course, the measures are in the description of each model and for that matter you are assured.
 I really hope you like it and find something for yourself.
Kisses ♥



utorak, 7. srpnja 2020.

KIS Online shop ♥

Hello my lovely readers. ♥

Today I will show you online shop called KIS.

This is a really high quality online site. When I say quality I mean its diversity. You have T-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, swimsuits, absolutely everything a woman needs.
I like to explore online sites. I think that many times you can find a better and better selection of goods on them than in our stores, and at better prices. I often look at them and order them, so I like to recommend the same to you.

The part that you will surely like relates to sexy elegant dresses.

Here you can find really great dresses, at very reasonable prices for absolutely all occasions. I like that there are really really elegant dresses and materials, and the prices are ridiculous compared to what you would pay here.We all have various weddings, family celebrations, graduations, birthdays, and here you are sure to find something to your liking.

sexy floral dresses  it also offers a great selection so be sure to check it out.Floral dresses are great for summer and the weather ahead so this is a great opportunity to buy yourself something.

elegant leaf print chiffon dress is also something that girls might like. In a way they are special dresses, if you ask me you can wear them in many ways, day and night variants can be combined differently so to me this is great.
The choice is great, so I heartily recommend that you take the time to see what this site has to offer.
During the corona virus I think we are all definitely more dedicated to online ordering, here I am talking starting from myself, so this is a great situation to take advantage of online sites.
I hope you will be as satisfied as I am, enjoy your shopping.


subota, 20. lipnja 2020.

Lover Beauty ♥

Hello my lovely readers. ♥

Today I want to introduce you to a new online site that I discovered called lover-beauty .
I spend more and more time at home, with a laptop, so I research various online shops, so I came across this one as well.
What thrilled me with this site is the diverse offer when it comes to plus size clothes. A lot of women struggle with finding plus size clothes, dresses, lingerie, some corsets and the like, and here your choice is great.

You need to look at the dress section in the department sexy plus size dresses .

Elegance Purplish Blue Plus Size Dress Side Slit V-Collar Outfit
Since summer has come to us this is just one example of a dress that I would like and would wear these days. It is floral, light, fluttery and great for day and night variants.
If you go to the link above that I left you you will see more dresses, longer, shorter, various materials and sizes, surely something you will like.

Of course, in addition to ordinary dresses in part plus size clothing wholesale  you can find great things, t-shirts, tracksuits, absolutely everything you need.

Glam Rose Red Side Strap Tie-Dye Plus Size Top Suit Comfort Fashion

What’s great is that their prices are very affordable. One of these kits comes in at $ 10, you have it in 2 more colors available depending on your taste.
I say again, this is just one example, the selection on the page is really huge, you will see for yourself when you look.
Such colorful sets and things are now quite modern, and with this site, we also have plus size variants for slightly larger women who need larger sizes, which is great.

Of course there is also Wholesale Shapewear.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

These corsets are perfect for me. They fit so well under clothes, their edges are not visible under dresses, they shape the body so nicely, they emphasize what is needed, they are too good, and for this quality the price is ridiculous.
You have them the same in various sizes, even for plus size girls. There are also more colors, cuts, thicknesses, but when you enter the site in a specific product, you can see in detail everything that interests you about a particular product.
In any case, I recommend you to look at this site, you can find so many interesting and beautiful things at very reasonable prices, and for everything you need and vaguely, you can contact them directly through their customer support.

Kisses ♥