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What are the Different Types of Surgical Gloves

 Surgical gloves are usually the same kind of Disposable Gloves that doctors use when examining patients. The only difference between these two types of protective components is their quality. The ones used during surgeries are usually of higher quality and more expensive than the ones used during checkups. Surgeons wear gloves when performing operations to prevent spreading of infection and germs. These products are always sold in pairs and get thoroughly sterilized before being packed.

In this article we will be discussing about the different kinds of surgical gloves available on the market; the classification is usually done based on the material used for making them. The discussion below has more information in store for you.

Most surgeons prefer wearing Latex Gloves when carrying out operations. As the name of the product suggests, it is made from latex or rubber. This type of protective gear is in use for a pretty long time, but still it has not experienced any decline in its popularity. The primary reason behind the popularity of these latex pieces is that they provide exceptional tactile sensitivity, which ensures that the surgeon can feel all parts of the patient's body all through the surgical procedure. The next feature that makes these gloves popular is the comfort they offer to the wearer. These pieces are highly elastic and thus one never faces any difficulty when putting them on. You should look for an alternative to this product only if you have latex allergy or sensitivity.

Next, we will be discussing about polyisoprene gloves. As mentioned above, these pieces are mostly used by surgeons with latex sensitivity. Polyisoprene is a synthetically manufactured material, but its molecular structure has significant similarities with the molecular structure of rubber. However, as polyisoprene do not contain the protein present in latex, the products made from this material are not as comfortable to wear as the ones made from rubber. Another disadvantage of these pieces is that they are much more expensive than the rubber gears.

Surgeons with latex sensitivity or allergy can also wear neoprene gloves when performing operations. They are cheaper than the pairs made from polyisoprene. Like polyisoprene, neoprene is also manufactured synthetically. Surgeons avoid using this product type unless it's absolutely necessary as they are not elastic and are difficult to wear and adjust. Some manufacturers add a polymer coating to the inner surface of the neoprene gloves to make the process of wearing them a bit easier.

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